Defining the CIO in today’s manufacturing businesses

Posted on 14 Mar 2013 by Tim Brown

What is the real role of the CIO in today's manufacturing world? This is the question being asked in a new survey looking at information technology in manufacturing.

Do CIOs and IT managers have a seat at the top table? Do they lead from the front? Are they carrying the mantle of innovation and change on their shoulders, driving the business forward through new technologies?

Or are CIO’s more reactive to other leaders business needs, perhaps delivering value by focusing on more traditional IT virtues: controlling costs, optimising processes, ensuring system availability and business continuity?

The survey aims to get you thinking about what type of CIO you are or, what type of CIO does your business need in order to combat the demand for speed, re-invention, agility and innovation.

The survey is being run in conjunction with The Manufacturer Magazine and we will also be publishing the highlights of the findings in a subsequent issue of the magazine and online.

Take the survey here.