DEFRA approval boosts chemical firm

Posted on 2 Feb 2016 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Airedale Chemical has received official DEFRA approval for its Airocide PAAD (peracetic acid with detergent) product, opening up a raft of additional opportunities to supply disinfectants to the agricultural market.

Under strict DEFRA guidelines, only products which have the seal of approval from the government department can be used in a number of specific processes within the agricultural industry.

Only approved chemicals, such as Airocide PAAD, are legally allowed to be used in processes such as the routine cleaning and disinfecting of livestock transport vehicles, and animal gathering areas.

Approved products can also only be used in abattoir vehicles, and animal holding areas as part of regular cleaning routines.

Chris Chadwick, sales director for Airedale Chemical, commented: “Knowing how important DEFRA approval and the associated legislative implications are to our existing and potential customer base, we have worked hard to gain this accreditation in order to provide a greater, more comprehensive, product offering.

Airedale Chemical product receives DEFRA approval (low res)
Only products which have the seal of approval from the government department can be used in specific processes in the agricultural industry.

“The agricultural industry is subject to highly stringent regulations and we want to do all we can to help customers abide by these guidelines and provide the cleanest and safest environment possible.”

Airocide PAAD provides an economical and environmentally sound sanitisation option for the agricultural sectors.

Airedale Chemical’s recognition as a primary manufacturer of the DEFRA approved product means, in addition to general orders, it can be used as a disinfectant against foot and mouth disease; swine vesicular disease; diseases of poultry, and avian influenza.