Deloitte at Smart Factory Expo 2022: Cyber security, organisational change and the ‘7 sins’ of the smart factory journey

Posted on 13 Oct 2022 by James Devonshire

The Manufacturer’s James Devonshire speaks with Nick Davis, Partner, Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte, to find out what we can expect from the headline sponsor at this year's Smart Factory Expo.

Having studied Business Information Systems at university and then spending a good chunk of my working life in IT, I have a penchant for everything digital. That’s why for this journalist, Smart Factory Expo is the pinnacle of Digital Manufacturing Week.

All the technologies enabling the digital manufacturing revolution together, under one roof. Representatives from the world’s biggest and best companies showcasing how their solutions can make a difference. And who could forget Made Smarter Innovation Alley, with its array of start-ups that will change the manufacturing landscape over the next 5-10 years.

And Smart Factory Expo 2022 is shaping up to be the biggest and best iteration yet, with visitors able to benefit from all manner of demonstrations, immersive experiences and hands-on opportunities with some of the most innovative manufacturing technology out there.

Excited is an understatement!

To temporarily satsify my appetite for digital tech ahead of November 16 (when Smart Factory Expo kicks off), I briefly caught up with Nick Davis, Partner, Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte, to find out more about what we can expect from this year’s headline sponsor.

What will your focus be at Smart Factory Expo?

Nick Davis, Industry 4.0 Leader at Deloitte UKND: “We are excited to be the Headline Sponsor of Smart Factory Expo for the third time. This year, we are focusing on what makes a sustainable, successful smart factory journey and the common pitfalls to avoid. Over the coming weeks, you can read more about these ‘7 Sins’ in our article in The Manufacturer.”


What will people learn if they come and visit Deloitte at SFE?

“Regardless of whether you have mature smart factory initiatives, are in the process of transforming your journey or are just thinking about the ways that technology can help your manufacturing operations, there will be lots to learn about, discuss and see over the two days of the expo.

Solutions Theatre

“We are excited to be hosting four sessions in the Solutions Theatre over the two days.

“On day one, learn about the common pitfalls encountered on a smart factory journey and our perspective on how to avoid them through the ‘7 Sins of Smart Factory’ from some of our team, based on their experience of smart factory transformation. Later, we will be joined by a multinational client to talk about their transformation journey with us.

“On day two, we will deep-dive into the ‘7 sins’. In the morning we have a specific focus on cyber security and the complexity of data and asset connection. We’ll then explore what effective organisational change in a smart factory journey looks like in the afternoon.”

The Deloitte stand

“Our stand will be the home of everything Deloitte. Visit us to learn about the breadth of expertise we offer, chat to us about your journey or how we can help you reap the benefits of a smart factory journey, experience our immersive demos, meet the people behind some of the most complex and challenging digital transformation journeys or just come to say hello.”


*Tickets are for manufacturers only.

Expect expert insights from Deloitte into:

  • 7 sins of the smart factory journey
  • Digital thread
  • Cyber security
  • Organisational change
  • Our global network of smart factories
  • Client smart factory stories
  • Routes to realising a sustainable smart factory transformation
  • Positioning smart factory initiatives for success: What can manufacturers focused on smart factory deployment learn from those that have already done it?
  • What makes a smart factory transformation sustainable: The importance of culture, operating model and change

What are you looking to get out of the event?

“We’re excited about Smart Factory Expo as it is a great opportunity to:

  • Connect with our clients, suppliers and potential new talent in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem
  • Learn about latest tech advancements from industry and academia
  • Catch up with our manufacturing clients across IP&C, consumer, automotive, life sciences and healthcare
  • Discuss topics such as digital transformation, digital lean, sustainable manufacturing and AI
  • Share our experience, what we are seeing and best practice”

Visit Deloitte – stand F37 in the Digital Transformation Zone – at Smart Factory Expo to find out more.

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