Derbyshire electric tug manufacturer sets up in the US

Posted on 30 Jan 2018 by Jonny Williamson

British pedestrian electric tug manufacturer MasterMover has launched a US company to serve customers across both America and Canada.

The UK electric tug manufacturer has launched a US company to serve customers across both America and Canada – image courtesy of MasterMover.

Over the last decade, the rapidly growing electric tug business has found great success selling to some of the biggest names in America.

MasterMover’s electrics tugs are used to move loads between 50 and 120,000kg in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, rail, aerospace and pharmaceutical.

The tugs can be used by a single pedestrian operator to move the load, which reduces downtime in factories where objects were previously moved by overhead cranes and minimises the risks created by manual handling.

Over 10% of the Fortune 500 list have adopted MasterMover technologies as a means of moving heavy loads through their buildings. The company’s customers have all been attracted by the benefits of being able to save time, space and money while improving worker safety.

The company MasterMover hopes to build on this success by developing a sales and service network that will support its growing US customer base. Trading as MasterMover Inc., the business has set up in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hugh Freer, president of MasterMover explained: “The south-eastern states of the USA have been enjoying phenomenal business growth in recent years.

“A range of incentives have attracted many of MasterMover’s long-standing customers into the region. Being near companies like Boeing, Continental and BMW was a key factor in choosing to locate the business here in Charlotte.”

From its North Carolina base, the business will distribute the full range of MasterMover machines and service parts. A team of technicians and support personnel will be located in Charlotte, tasked with delivering product demonstrations, technical support and the fast despatch of critical spares.

Freer continued: “We’re developing heavy weight and automated technologies that will open up entirely new opportunities for our customers.

“These developments, combined with a strong and committed presence in the US territory, puts us in a strong position to serve our customers on the North American continent.”

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