Design Museum exhibits the future with 3D printing technology

Posted on 23 Jul 2013

The Design Museum, in collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board, has organised a new exhibition that showcases innovation in manufacturing.

The Future is Here opens tomorrow (July 24) and runs until October 29. The exhibition aims to demonstrate the link between design, technology and manufacturing.

On show is everything from clothes to carbon fibre, dolls to decor and more, all made using automated methods.

Mass customisation is central to the story of 3D printing and the exhibition. Trainer manufacturers are making personalised shoes on a globalised scale and Makies give consumers the chance to customise their own 3D printed dolls online.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “The latest Design Museum exhibition shows how manufacturing and the relationship between designer and customer could change in a very short space of time.

“Our city’s future prosperity depends on the ability to stay at the forefront of innovation. With the most creative designers based here and a burgeoning technology sector, London is well-placed to maximise the potential of links between design and technology which will become increasingly important as we compete on the global stage.”

Also on display is information on the role of technology in manufacturing and public opinion on 3D printing.

According to a poll from the Design Museum and Ipsos MORI, for which 994 people across Britain were questioned, 71% of people say they know very little or nothing about 3D printers, with 19% saying they know at least a ‘fair amount’.

Only 6% of people say they are interested in owning a 3D printer, though this rose to 20% among those who knew at least a fair amount about 3D printers.

David Bott, director of innovation at the Technology Strategy Board, said the body was “delighted” to support the exhibition.

Mr Bott said: “The role of the Technology Strategy Board is to sponsor exciting and high-value business-led innovation in the UK and we’re proud of the fact that over 60% of our R&D investment goes to small and medium sized companies where so much innovation takes place.”