Deutsche Bahn invests in IoT to reduce delay times

Posted on 13 Oct 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Telent, a euromicron Group company, will supply Deutsche Bahn AG with smart multi-channel measurement systems and implement them at around 7,000 points over the next three years.

Telent’s IoT solution detects potential defects before they actually arise – image courtesy of Heinz Albers

Instead of being able to respond only after points fail or develop problems, telent’s IoT solution detects potential defects before they actually arise.

That is made possible by central remote monitoring of the point machines.

Telent’s project partner is the Dutch company Strukton Systems, whose multi-channel measurement systems measure, digitise and process the relevant data.

Passengers depend on long-distance trains that run on time. Punctual ICE and IC connections require a secure and reliable infrastructure.

If a point fails on a main route, for example, that can throw the entire timetable into confusion:

Travelers arrive late and the rail operator incurs large costs for repairing the defect quickly.

To further improve the punctuality of its trains and optimise availability of its network operation, Deutsche Bahn AG will set store in future by predictive maintenance in controlling its points.

To enable that, the current pulse at the connection cable to the point is measured in the signal box. Special sensors also record status data, which is then analysed centrally, at relevant parts of the point controller.

Possible deviations from the reference value, such as occur before faults arise, are detected by smart systems at an early stage.

Service teams can then inspect the affected parts more closely on site and – before a probable failure – replace them if necessary so that operations are not disrupted.

As a system integrator for critical infrastructures (KRITIS), telent is planning and implementing the complete remote monitoring system and providing the associated services.

The software platform operated by Deutsche Bahn AG analyses the actual data sent by the data loggers and compares it with target values. Deviations indicate a potential impairment in the point machines.

The agreement between telent and Deutsche Bahn AG comprises system components, planning services, installation and commissioning of the solution, which monitors a total of around 7,000-point machines at 305 operating control points throughout Germany.

Dirk Bernhardt, head of purchasing for telecommunications infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn AG, said: “Telent has been a reliable partner to Deutsche Bahn AG in the telecommunications segment for many years and has demonstrated its strength as part of nationwide rollouts, in particular.

“We’re delighted at continuing our working relationship.”

Jürgen Hansjosten from euromicron’s Executive Board, stated: “With our Internet of Things solution, we can help enhance punctuality and secure operations at Deutsche Bahn AG.”