Digital marketing: The key to driving millions in new business

Posted on 11 Nov 2022 by The Manufacturer

Manufacturers often operate in niche markets with a finite number of prospects to target. That means every opportunity is precious and getting in front of the right audience at the right time is crucial. Alex Elborn, Marketing Manager for Intergage, explains.

Alex Elborn, Intergage
Alex Elborn, Intergage

This is probably why a whopping 95% of manufacturers currently invest in digital marketing – but is there a pathway to success? Intergage has been working with B2B manufacturers for 20+ years to drive growth and generate qualified sales leads. Over that time, the UK marketing agency has identified three key pillars for success when it comes to industrial marketing.

  1. Increase visibility and get more eyes on your products/services
  2. Have a solid understanding of your audience, their challenges and buying triggers
  3. Increasing the conversion rates at each stage of the buyer’s journey so you win more business

So, what does success actually look like? Let’s take a look at the partnership between Intergage and Clamason Industries to get some insight.

Intergage began working with Clamason Industries in December 2020 when Clamason identified a need to get in front of a wider audience and convert more website visitors into prospects. While the business had brilliant relationships with existing customers, it struggled to showcase capabilities and products due to their bespoke nature – a challenge often felt by B2B manufacturers. Driving relevant traffic to the site was also a challenge bottlenecking Clamasons’ success, as was converting website visitors into prospects.

With ambitious goals and growth plans, Clamason reached out to Intergage to provide a solution. As a response, Intergage used its proven methodology and threepronged approach consisting of:

  1. Analysis
  2. Sales messaging
  3. Content and campaign creation

Who is Clamason Industries?

Clamason Industries is a leading manufacturer of precision metal pressings with 70 years’ experience in global manufacturing and export markets. Supporting clients from design to development, Clamason has developed an enviable reputation and are well regarded by clients all over the world.

Digital marketing analysis

Intergage started with a full analysis of Clamason’s marketing to understand how the business was performing and where effort needed to be placed. The analysis revealed:

  • lack of strong competition in search engines, leaving space for Clamason Industries to grow online market share and boost organic visibility.
  • The need for stronger sales messaging to make Clamason’s proposition clear to potential buyers while also resonating with the challenges of potential customers.
  • A requirement to improve thought leadership content to help answer common user questions and rank for product and service-related terms – something the competition was not doing.
  • An opportunity to use paid search to reach prospects actively looking for Clamason Industries’ services.

Sales messaging

Great sales messaging is wildly underestimated but is often the key to attracting potential customers and differentiating in a crowded marketplace. On average, you have around eight seconds to draw a potential customer in. Without strong sales messaging, this is almost impossible. In manufacturing this is made even more difficult with the increased likelihood of complex products and services – something Clamason was familiar with.

Intergage worked with key stakeholders at Clamason Industries to fully understand their audience, buying triggers and challenges to develop a set of pertinent sales messages.

As with many manufacturing companies, long sales cycles and complex buying decisions involving several decision makers were challenges for Clamason Industries. This meant that sales messaging needed to appeal to different personas while also guiding prospects through a complex buying journey.

Content and campaign creation

Following the analysis and sales messaging stages, Intergage worked with Clamason to focus on increasing visibility by creating contextual, informative content targeting common challenges within their target audience. Content included emails, blog articles, website content, Ebooks and infographics.

This was used to create pathways to help educate potential customers to the point of enquiry while targeting the relevant keywords to help Clamason climb search engine positions and gain a higher level of online visibility.

The results

Having followed this three-step process, Clamason Industries has achieved a number of key milestones including:

  • 187% increase in search engine impressions
  • 179% increase in website conversions
  • £5m lead acquisition

Anna Mullins, Head of Marketing at Clamason Industries stated: “Working with Intergage has been pivotal to our digital marketing success. The team has truly made the effort to understand us as a business and shine a light on the areas of our marketing that we haven’t looked at in detail before. Their thorough approach means no stone is left unturned and so far, we are delighted with the results. There really is no question that using a professional, dedicated marketing agency like Intergage completely pays off.”

Want to achieve results like this?

While the three-pronged approach is the key to success, there is no one-size-fitsall. A strategy that works for one industrial business may not be so successful for others.

Having worked with manufacturing companies for the last 20+ years, Intergage has the experience to develop a blend of marketing activities that generates real results. Forget about followers, likes and shares. We’re talking a real return to your bottom line – just as this case study with Clamason demonstrates

Who is Intergage?

Intergage is a marketing agency 100% focused on the manufacturing industry. For the last 20 years, Intergage has been helping ambitious manufacturing businesses grow through digital marketing, marketing strategy and marketing automation.