Digital transformation – a culture for a change

Posted on 31 Aug 2017 by Jonny Williamson

The digital disruption is business priority, and it starts and ends with people. They are the lifeblood of the organisation and the most important part of the change management process, a study underlines.

Data Digital Transformation IT - StockThe Robert Half UK study shows, that having a culture that supports digital transformation is at the heart of the programme’s success.

Reviewing the potential risks and considering them when you establish a culture of change will lead to a more resilient organisation.”

Christina Watson, global digital director at Luxury, Hearst Magazine, says: “Some companies with an established programme of innovation are brave enough to allocate near endless resources to a new solution to see if it works.

“For others, this isn’t always possible. So, having a clear plan on the level of risk is one way to establish the culture required to encourage innovation.”

Matt Weston, director at Robert Half: “As businesses, we have a duty to create a culture of inclusion when rolling out a digital transformation strategy.

“Including your people in the process from the ground up is vital to cultivating a change that will affect the culture of your organisation in the long term. Businesses will only succeed in digitalisation if they create an inclusive culture that fosters innovation.”

For many organisations, this means creating project teams whose focus is to generate and evaluate new ideas. A dedicated team can nurture, test and audit all ideas before they are turned into business-as-usual activities. Without this separation, businesses could face a challenge.

Derek Cumming, director at Protiviti UK: “From a risk perspective, businesses need to lessen the restrictions of some policies and procedures in order to embrace change, while at the same time ensure they are adhered to in practice until the change is implemented.

“Establishing a dedicated project team with the freedom to work outside the standard controls is where market-leading innovation could happen.”

UK organisations undergoing digital transformation with a fully supportive senior management team:

Small Businesses: 67%

Medium sized businesses: 69%

Large businesses: 83%

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