Digitalisation: Understanding the investment, the risk & return

Posted on 16 Nov 2017 by Jonny Williamson

How can IT be seen as an enabler, rather than a cost, was the timely question posed by Dayne Turbitt, SVP of Enterprise at Dell EMC, during his keynote at The Manufacturer Leaders Conference this morning.

Digitalisation - What is the Internet of Things (IoT) - image courtesy of Dell
The Internet of Things is generating unimaginable volumes of data – image courtesy of Dell EMC.

Data has the power to disrupt entire industries, with 33% of industrial leaders expecting their business to be disrupted by digitally-enabled competitors by 2018.

A powerful start to Dayne Turbitt’s presentation which explored how digitalisation can offer a significant boost to competitiveness and productivity.

A key part of digitalisation – or digital transformation, Turbitt said, was the Internet of Things (IoT), the creation of which is generating unimaginable volumes of data.

Dayne Turbitt was speaking at The Manufacturer Leaders Conference which is co-located with Smart Factory Expo and is taking place this week at Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

Dell EMC is exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo – you can find them at Stand A19

You can follow all of the action through the hashtag #UKmfgWeek on Twitter. 

The reason for its incredible proliferation, he noted, was the rapidly falling cost of compute power – particularly regarding large datasets – to almost zero.

However, how do we address and, more importantly, benefit from the huge amount of data? It’s a question worth exploring as the potential economic benefit IoT provides is compelling. IoT technologies could fundamentally change UK manufacturing, enabling the sector to become up to 25% more productive by 2025.

What is helping to drive that productivity boost is the convergence of core systems supported by edge and cloud processing power, Turbitt said, to create a customisable, agile ecosystem.

Such a set-up is already creating tangible benefits for industrial businesses, in areas such as quality control, process optimisation, predictive maintenance, and asset monitoring.

Dell EMC & IoT

Click here to watch a video providing an overview explanation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and gives detail, not only on how it can help your business, but also how Dell EMC can help you accelerate the implementation of IoT at your company.

You can learn more about how Dell EMC can help you embrace and implement the Internet of Things by visiting TheManufacturer’s exclusive new IoT Resource Area.