Dodgey Sale

Posted on 28 Aug 2008 by The Manufacturer

American car giant Chrysler is considering selling its iconic sports-hog Dodge Viper to a competitor as it seeks to limit the damage of a 23 per cent fall in first-six-month sales.

The Viper, famed for its common adoption of double ‘go-faster’ stripes, has actually registered an inverted trend in sales to its parent company this year – the release of the 2008 SRT model has meant doubled sales of 682 by the end of July.

New, one will cost $85,000 (£46,285). But for that you get an 8.4 litre v10 engine, a top speed of circa 200 mph and plenty of pulling-power (600-horse to be precise).

The company has not specifically revealed who is interested in the Viper but claims it has been approached.

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