Don’t fly, conference call free

Posted on 27 Nov 2009 by The Manufacturer

UK conference call provider, Powownow, have decided to help out SMEs and the environment by offering 5,000 free conference calls.

The scheme is in direct response to British Airways offer of 5,000 free business class flights for UK businesses. Powownow encourages SMEs to choose conference calls rather than flying to minimise their impact on the environment as well as their hip pocket.

“I have built successful businesses using conference calls, and I would like to help other small businesses do the same,” says Powwownow’s CEO, Andy Pearce. “Unlike BA, our prizes are completely free with no hidden taxes no charges, allowing businesses to reach the same decisions in a fraction of the time with no cost to them or the environment.”

To receive a share of free Powwownow conference calls, register at