Double green success for Saint-Gobain

Posted on 20 May 2008 by The Manufacturer

Saint-Gobain Glass UK (SGGUK) has won The Sunday Times national award for environmental training and employee motivation, as well as being ranked 8th in The Sunday Times’ 50 Best Green Companies list.

The award recognised the way in which SGGUK employees gave everyday consideration to the environment, the vast reduction of waste they had achieved – from 6,370 tonnes in 2001 to 1,645 in 2006 – and the 90 per cent green score they awarded to the company (based on research conducted by The Sunday Times in conjunction with Bureau Veritas environmental consultants and Munro Global market research group).

SGGUK’s top 10 position in the Best Green Companies list was based on its environment-focused approach. The firm uses five times more recycled glass in its operations than any of its competitors – a total of 3,000 tonnes per month. It has reduced landfill waste by 75 per cent over six years and boasts the lowest levels of CO₂ emissions of any flat glass factory in Europe.

“To be ranked 8th in the list is a tremendous achievement and demonstrates the commitment of every one of our employees to minimising our impact on the environment. It also proves that, contrary to popular belief, manufacturing is no longer a dirty polluting industry and that manufacturers can operate with a minimal impact on the environment,” said SGGUK managing director Alan McLenaghan.