Driving innovation in AWE’s digital facilities of the future

Posted on 13 May 2024 by The Manufacturer
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AWE’s digital transformation is underway. The multi-billion-pound programme of investment in our infrastructure will renew existing facilities and establish new digital engineering capabilities.

For more than 70 years, AWE has played a crucial role in the UK Government’s nuclear defence strategy. Our engineers work on some of the most advanced complex, programmes, using unique technologies and world leading expertise in science, engineering and manufacturing.

We design, manufacture, develop and maintain the warheads for the UK’s nuclear deterrent. With our specialist nuclear skills, we also provide UK Government with unique technical assistance and support with nuclear security and counter-terrorism programmes – a collection of specialised activities that we group together as ‘Nuclear Threat Reduction.’

AWE has commenced work on a sovereign replacement warhead, as part of an evolutionary cycle that ensures we have an in-service warhead that can be safely assured from design to disposal. Through the use of nuclear science and technology, AWE supports the delivery of a credible nuclear deterrent.

To support this mission, UK Government is embarking on a multi-billion-pound programme of investment, in AWE’s infrastructure at Aldermaston, Berkshire. This programme, called the Future Materials Campus, will renew existing facilities for the manufacture and storage of nuclear materials, improve science and analysis capabilities, and establish the digital engineering capabilities that will underpin the future delivery of the Continuous-At-Sea-Deterrent (CASD) and national nuclear security.

AWE welcomes collaboration with UK industry

We’re strengthening our partnerships with UK industry and encourage collaboration throughout our transformation to a digital organisation.

AWE will be exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo on 5-6 June, stand: 4-Q33, NEC Birmingham and we welcome dialogue with UK businesses.

AWE’s digital facilities to boost the UK’s economy

This long-term programme of investment is driving modernisation and construction at AWE. Developing our new facilities will stimulate a revolution in national science and technology leadership and expertise and create jobs in the local area and across the UK supply chain.

AWE’s vital transformation is underway and will drive innovation, introducing the latest engineering tools, techniques, and digital capabilities. AWE’s demand for a continuous programme of improvement, in safety and digital security, is paramount to becoming a world leader in new nuclear technologies.

With significant investment in our digital infrastructure, AWE is taking an enterprise approach, to define the future digital architecture for engineering, across all lifecycles (Design, Make, Test and Design, Build, Commission), aligning capability and toolset needs to key programme milestones.

Our ‘smart’ facilities will embed state-of-the-art capabilities, to digitise, consolidate, integrate and modernise, ensuring information remains digitally traceable from requirement to retirement. Our systems-based approach of modernisation will develop a common set of modern digital backbone systems with connected tools and services. This transformation is built on our vision to push the boundaries of our digital capabilities, ensuring information is ‘Born Digital,’ driving innovation from the heart of the nuclear enterprise.

Opportunities for UK businesses

AWE is seeking collaboration with UK industry partners to drive forward our digital facilities of the future. AWE’s new ‘smart’ facilities will lead a journey of learning and development with UK industry, pioneering smart connectivity, digital security, and regulatory compliance throughout.

Work with AWE to achieve our shared mission: to deliver capabilities, help deter the threat and protect the nation. Speak to AWE at Smart Factory Expo on 5-6 June, at stand: 4-Q33 and discuss how your business may be able to work with AWE.

More information about working with AWE

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