E-Cigarette manufacturer sees revenues light up

Posted on 10 Mar 2014 by The Manufacturer

A Manchester-based designer and manufacturer of E-Cigarettes is set to see revenues in 2014 treble following a surge in the UK’s nicotine replacement therapy market.

CN Creative, founded in 2008, has predicted the figure after posting revenues of £6m in 2013, as the value of the e-cigarette market continues to surge.

With the nicotine replacement therapy market valued at £150m with e-cigarettes currently worth £120m, the company employs 50 people split between its manufacturing base at the bioscience facility within the University of Manchester and its sales and distribution site in Blackburn.

CN creative finance director, Tim Byrne pinpoints his company’s decision to implement a full ERP system through Microsoft Dynamics from Azzure IT in 2011 as a factor in making the company fit for growth by dealing with high demand.

“What we have now are much stronger processes, and better control of those processes, which is vital when you’re growing at such a rate,” he said.

“We have a system that enables us to identify what stock we have and where it is at any given moment. Previously, in practice, we had no clear view of that. Now, we’re at a totally different level – we have all the elements to deliver a structured business environment.”

After being acquired by British American Tobacco in 2012, the firm now sells through online and retail to 26 countries worldwide.

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