E2v awarded prestigious environmental status

Posted on 13 Jun 2011 by The Manufacturer

At the Sunday Times Best Green Companies awards 2011, e2v, the high-technology engineering firm was rated 34th out of 60 in a highly competitive award category.

The award sets out to identify and celebrate the achievements of UK businesses while they make efforts to improve their environmental performance and uphold high standards of corporate social responsibility.

As a result of such high competition for a limited number of places, making it onto the list requires a high effort, not just of the management at any particular firm but of the whole workforce. Only those fully engaged with the commitment to green initiatives made it onto the list.

Analysing the firms involved two audits. 30% of the overall score came from an employee survey of each firm. Respondents to the survey were asked questions about what they think about their company’s environmental performance, policies and procedures and how they filter through to daily life. The remaining 70% was made up of an extensive audit of policies, systems, controls and performance metrics including: energy, carbon footprint, waste and recycling.

Maureen Raphael, Group Health Safety & Environmental Manager at e2v commented “Engaging our employees is central to the success of our environmental processes and systems and this award clearly demonstrates that our people support, understand and contribute to their effectiveness. Even if the business had scored full marks for the auditing of our data this result could not have been achieved without our employees personally responding, therefore I consider this an award that everyone here can truly take credit for.”

The award demonstrates the level of employee engagement in fulfilling the goals and aims of e2v’s greener business practice. It also benchmarks a standard for e2v to continue to develop its green credentials against, whilst sending out a positive message to e2v’s employees that what they do personally matters.

E2v designs, develops and manufactures inspirational high technology engineering solutions for the most exacting requirements of global systems companies. They deliver solutions, sub-systems and components, to these advanced systems companies for their specialist applications within medical & science, aerospace, defence, commercial and industrial markets.