Easy solutions for bettering your employees’ work life

Posted on 8 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

It does not matter whether you are working your dream career, or stuck in an in-between job while waiting for better opportunity to come along, sometimes your day-to-day life can always become a little drab, and a little stressful.

Many, if not most companies, are desperately trying to counter the stagnant workday life by incorporating new and interesting ideas that will perk up their employees, and create enjoyment in their job. This can range from giving the office a lick of paint, creating a garden for employees to sit during the summer months, to downloading software that will help with the smooth running of employees’ workflow.

Here are a few ideas employers should consider when lifting the spirits of their employees:

Company outingsBy inviting employees out of the office, whether to the local pub for lunch, or a fancy restaurant during after-work hours, activities can not only bring a workforce together, but create morale that will continue for the upcoming days, or even weeks. Of course, activities don’t have to be limited to lunch breaks, or confined by food, there are a number of activities ranging from the unusual, to safer approaches.

Balance in the officeThe office is one of the most important factors when keeping employees happy. You could be the most optimistic, upbeat person in existence, but if you find yourself sat in a dark office lacking natural light and open spaces, then you will soon find your energy levels depleting, and at risk of developing workplace depression. As an employer, there are a multitude of ways to help counter an unhealthy, unhappy employee through office space. A few examples are, but not limited to, a designated “Quiet Space,” large windows, an open office to initiate meaningful conversations, and upbeat, bright artwork.

Helpful softwareTimes are changing, and technology is becoming exceptionally useful to workforces, especially those working in IT and/or marketing. Gone are the days where we found ourselves slogging through file after file, looking for a specific templates, contracts, or piece of copy; now helpful software like automated brand alliance company Templafy, are at our disposal, ready to create happier employees.

Make things personalIt may be difficult to create a bond between employer and employee, especially within larger companies, or companies with separate offices. However, that doesn’t mean an employer shouldn’t try. We don’t suggest you hover over their desk, making awkward and uncomfortable small talk; instead we suggest you make sure emails are personal, know first and last names, and some personal information. However, if you’re a CEO, or your company is simply too large for this to be possible, make sure managers and line managers are taking interest in their (and your) employees with questions about future weekend plans, or if they have seen the latest blockbuster.

From time to time, you may find your employees needing a break from work, or a bit of recuperation, but by following these simple solutions, your employees will be thanking you, and providing much better results for you, your company, and themselves.