Eco deal vital for Northwest

Posted on 9 Dec 2009 by The Manufacturer

A successful deal in Copenhagen will not only tackle global climate change, but is vital for England’s Northwest, says two reports released today.

Highlighting the increased importance of climate change to the regions’ businesses, “Climate Change Impacts and Responses for Key Business Sectors and Public Services in the Northwest of England” and the “Economic Impacts of Increased Flood Risk Associated with Climate Change in the Northwest” have been published by the Northwest Climate Change Partnership to investigate the economic and social challenges the region is set to face.

The findings underline the importance of the work currently being implemented through the Partnership to adapt the region to the unavoidable consequences of climate change – the network of organisations responsible for delivering the Climate Change Action Plan, identifying the impacts and preparing for the future.

Climate change could increase Northwest winter rainfall by up to 31%, and summer temperatures up to 3.7 degrees Celsius by 2080. New evidence shows how businesses will be impacted by climate change, and that future flooding could increase annual economic damages three-fold — from £43m today to £138m.

The report on the ‘Economic Impacts of Increased Flood Risk’ assesses how the economy will be affected through flood risk associated with climate change in the region, with emphasis on the impacts to key business sectors. It also estimated the value of current flood defences to business now and going forward. The second report, ‘Climate Change Impacts and Responses for Key Business Sectors and Public Services in the Northwest of England’, provides a resource for understanding climate change impacts on the key business sectors and public services across the Northwest.

Robert Hough, Chairman, Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) said: “These two reports, together with recent events, are clear evidence that England’s Northwest is not immune to the serious effects of extreme weather events – both in terms of economic impact and quality of life.

“The Climate Change Partnership, who deliver the Climate Change Action Plan, is playing a huge part in shaping the region’s future with both carbon reduction and adaptation at the top of their agenda. For England’s Northwest, the Copenhagen Summit will be a real turning point – decisions and deals made are not exclusive to one area, country or region. Instead, they will be the first step towards a more coherent global strategy, benefiting us all.”

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