EEF to run gender equality seminars for manufacturers

Posted on 27 Nov 2015 by Fred Tongue

EEF, the manufacturer's organisation, are running seminars across the country to help firm tackle the gender pay gap and tackle gender equality.

The seminars will be held at locations up and down the country with events in Sheffield, Gateshead, Bristol, Birmingham and Warrington. As the organisation gears up for compulsory gender pay reporting, these seminars are the next stage in the organisations support for equal pay. These seminars have been launched in response to the latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings by ONS. The survey shows a national average of 9.4 per cent gap in full time gender pay in 2015.

Research by EEF shows that gender pay reporting is a challenge for most with less than 10 per cent of companies currently reporting gender pay information. The organisayion also says that there is little understanding of the requirements that will come in to place and that the ability of firms to provide data is a “key concern.”

38 per cent of firms say it will help them get to grip with their pay structures and auditing while 47 per cent say it will be a good opportunity to benchmark themselves against peers, competitors and other industries.

The seminars aim to boost recognition of the benefits of gender pay reporting and overcome concerns associated with that. Government proposals for compulsory reporting will be explained in these classes and prepare companies in advance. It will also be an opportunity for firms to talk about their gender equality issues and pay gap figures.

Lucy Atherton, Legal Compliance expert at EEF, commented: “Many firms will dread the potential research and policy changes required by the gender pay gap requirements coming into effect next year. However, many have also been quick to spot the opportunity it provides to gather important data and identify areas for improvement. Companies that fully embrace this opportunity can expect to have more innovative and forward-thinking policies that attract and retain employees.”