Encirc Academy opens its doors

Posted on 12 Aug 2015 by Jonny Williamson

Leading glass manufacturer, Encirc has launched a new offering to provide specialist training and consultancy for the global container glass making industry.

The Encirc Academy offers tailor-made technical and service assistance packages that aims to help glass manufacturers to optimise product quality and plant efficiency, while streamlining production costs.

Services on offer include audits of production lines and organisational structures to identify areas for improvement, as well as comprehensive guidance on standardising production line procedures and implementing lean manufacturing processes throughout a plant.

Encirc Quality Control
The academy provides training for workers to help develop their skills and deliver excellence to their respective companies.

In addition, the service provides training for machine operatives to help develop their skills and deliver excellence to their respective companies.

Courses take place both at Encirc’s facilities in Elton, Cheshire, and Derrylin, Northern Ireland, as well as on location at customers’ sites, to give trainees an in-depth understanding of their own equipment and how to boost productivity.

The Encirc Academy has already begun working with a number of high-profile glass and drinks manufacturers around the world, including E & J Gallo Glass Company.

The US manufacturer has been receiving on-site support on the installation of and training on its new glass bottle making machines at its site in Modesto, California.

General manager of the Encirc Academy, Rob Healy explained: “Production lines are no different from any piece of precision technology – they need fine-tuning to ensure they work at their best.

“This is why specialist operative training, as well as support on machine installation and other guidance, is so important. It can help manufacturers calibrate their production processes to deliver optimum product quality for customers, while reducing operating costs at the same time.

“As a company we have two manufacturing facilities that truly reflect this excellence, both in terms of the technological level of our equipment and the knowledge and skills of our staff; a point of view shared by John Gallo, vice president of Gallo during his recent visit to Derrylin.”