End of the line for baby food manufacturer

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

The UK arm of US organic baby food manufacturer Plum BPC is set close before the Autumn.

Plum BPC, owned by Campbell Soup, said the closure is part of a strategic evaluation of the business.

The Buckinghamshire-based baby food manufacturer was started in 2004 by Susie Willis and became part of Plum BPC in 2013. While the firm was reported to have made some progress it was not enough to sustain the business.

In a statement Plum UK said: “Our company is proposing to wind down the business here in the UK.

“We love delighting you and nourishing your children and are proud of our range of products but we also need to run a viable business, and in the current market this is challenging.

“We are looking at all options and the proposal is to keep selling Plum products in supermarkets until the end of the summer.”

Plum BPC said in a statement: “The move in no way reflects the accomplishments of the Plum UK team, which has shown great passion and energy building a brand that is loved by parents and children, and the company is working to assist those affected move on to new opportunities.”