Engineers are most wanted by employers in tough jobs market

Posted on 10 Aug 2012

Although the UK jobs market continues to slide, engineers are in high demand across many different sectors, according to a comprehensive survey.

Figures show that engineers were in ‘significant demand’ last month despite a fall in staff appointments.

The most comprehensive report on the UK labour market, the KPMG and Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) ‘Report on Jobs’, revealed that engineering, construction and medical care workers were least affected by the drop in job appointments.

Overall job vacancies rose slightly but employers made less appointments and this growth was the lowest for six months.

FDF director of communications, Terry Jones said: “The findings of this latest report echo what we know about the food and drink manufacturing sector where there is significant demand for engineering skills.

“We anticipate that in future we will need more engineers in our sector, especially in overseas markets. In light of this, we are actively working to create a steady flow of skilled graduates.”

Recruitment and Employment Confederation chief executive, Kevin Green said:  “What must be emphasised is that employers are still hiring. Fragile confidence means they are taking longer to make decisions about appointments and the whole process of recruiting is slowing down.

“On a positive note, there are some sectors that are defying this month’s decline and continuing to experience significant demand for staff, most notably engineering, computing and healthcare.”