Enhancing customer service through better use of big data

Posted on 8 Nov 2015 by The Manufacturer

Invenio Business Solutions' Partho Bhattacharya explains how harnessing big data enables manufacturers to rapidly adapt in response to customer feedback.

UK manufacturers are still grappling with increasing customer complexity that the always-on, connected age brings.

Partho Bhattacharya, MD & president, Invenio Business Solutions.
Partho Bhattacharya, MD & president, Invenio Business Solutions.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers must keep up with the constant developments in technology and subsequent changes in customer expectation.

Add to this the fact that new business models are emerging which are challenging the ways of working, there is more pressure than ever on UK manufacturers to get ahead of changes in customer demand by anticipating and responding in real-time.

True success, growth and future-proofing, come from embracing customer demands – both new and old – and putting them at the centre of every business decision.

The role big data and real time analytics play in this process is hugely exciting.

Manufacturers can harness big data to rapidly adapt production techniques and processes to respond to shifting requirements and customer feedback.

But it’s widely recognised that this process is becoming increasingly difficult; manufacturers need to listen to customers across a variety of channels, including the more traditional mechanisms such as data from transactions, through to more complex channels such as social media.

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Implementing a mechanism to allow real time analysis of data from all sources including customers, suppliers, market influencers and internal data supports better customer service by:

  • Delivering a single view of relevant events, KPIs and decision support
  • Giving employees access to the information they need to do their job accurately and efficiently
  • Empowering production to make fast, accurate decisions
  • Matching demand and supply more efficiently

On a macro scale – and beyond the customer service piece – Manufacturers need to consider the wider benefits.

McKinsey & Company highlights the role big data plays in accelerating the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems making the vision of Industry 4.0 a reality.

It’s clear there is a huge potential for big data in delivering an exceptional customer service and beyond.

Manufacturers need to understand what is happening and when, to help inform an efficient supply chain.

Data gathered in real time needs to be immediately fed back into the supply chain and acted upon.

Through intelligent use of data to address customer needs, manufacturers can be truly future ready.