Envisage Group makes £1.5m investment in CNC capability

Posted on 1 Apr 2022 by The Manufacturer

Envisage Technologies, part of the global Envisage Group, has made a £1.5m investment in additional CNC capability with the purchase of two new Bellotti 5-axis machines and the complete modernisation of its existing MECOF Agile 5.3 axis CNC machine.  

The new Belotti 5-axis machines are being installed at Envisage’s Herald Way machining centre in Coventry at the beginning of April. The business claims they will add ‘tremendous value’ to its machining capability. A nearby facility in Doyle Drive, Coventry, will also benefit from the investment, as it houses an existing MECOF Agile 5.3 machining centre. 

The new machines are Envisage’s answer to high demand from OEMs for aluminium, composite and resin milled properties, enabling increased productivity and competitiveness while reducing lead time and costs. Envisage has already supported the development of some fantastic products with previous examples including large aluminium parts for aerospace clients and full-sized vehicle mock-ups for various leading automotive operations.  

Refurbishment of the MECOF Agile 5.3 includes a complete new Heidenhain CNC control system, and the addition of new drives to greatly improve efficiency, programming, and accuracy.  

Envisage has a proven and lengthy track record of serving both Tier 1 customers and OEMs from automotive, aerospace, marine and the wider mobility market, with the ability to machine large properties for any market. Catering to customer’s machining requirements, Envisage’s new Bellotti machines can machine properties up to 3.6m x 3m x 1m and the MECOF Agile 5.3 has both horizontal and vertical capabilities up to 12m x 3m x 1.5m.

Envisage's investment will help ensure it remains at the cutting edge of machining

Envisage’s investment will help ensure it remains at the cutting edge of machining

“Envisage has strived to create the perfect bespoke production environment, and now with our latest investments we are able to machine large scale properties with unmatched precision, incredible speed and with the confidence that our advanced manufacturing capabilities will take our customer’s products to new heights,” explained Envisage Tim Strafford, CEO. 

To ensure Envisage maintains optimum production levels, around the clock shifts are run to keep the machines spinning day and night and to make sure customer deadlines are met on-time, every time. Operating the machines are highly skilled precision engineers who bring a wealth of experience and a meticulous attention to detail to ensure every piece machined goes beyond customers’ expectations.   

“To stay competitive in the advanced manufacturing market, organisations must ensure that their machines reflect their ethos, Envisage’s commitment to this principle has led us to identify an investment opportunity that has enabled us to remain at the cutting edge of machining through improved efficiency and with no compromise on quality. The new equipment is also a great companion to the full breadth of specialist manufacturing capabilities across the rest of our group.” concluded Tim Strafford. 

Envisage Group incorporates Envisage Concept Design & Engineering, Envisage Recruitment, Envisage Technologies and Envisage Classic & Bespoke. The company is based at four sites across Coventry, with international services in the USA and India.