ERP implementation: connect with knowledge

Posted on 15 May 2014 by The Manufacturer

ERP Connect, the event bringing together the world’s leading ERP implementation specialists under one roof, arrives in London next week, May 20th. Now in its ninth outing, James Pozzi looks at why it is a must-attend event for manufacturers looking for the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

In today’s business environment, the importance of a ERP implementation the right ERP system to a manufacturing business is so vital that it can make or break a company.

Just ask any of the manufacturers who made that big decision and are now reaping the benefits. By implementing the correct enterprise resource planning system, manufacturers can maximise ROI as well as productivity, business intelligence and competitive edge. Essentially life is made easier across the business, integrating all facets that make company tick: from finance to manufacturing, to sales and customer relationship management.

But whether you’re an automotive OEM or an SME aerospace supplier, there is no easily identifiable solution, and implementing the right ERP system is no quick fix. And then there is finding the right vendor in an increasingly competitive market.

The right enterprise resource planning system chosen should come with a history of successful installations in the particular manufacturing field. The enterprise resource planning system should not be considered without a proven track record by the vendor.
Some Advantages of a proposed Enterprise Resource Planning System:

1. Complete visibility into all the important processes, across various departments of a manufacturing firm.

2. Automatic and coherent workflow from one function to another, to ensure a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes.

Deciding on your enterprise resource planning system can be made easier by attending ERP Connect, the biannual event run by The Manufacturer magazine, which returns for the ninth time in London this month.

The event, taking place at London’s Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel, sees the convergence of half a dozen manufacturers in a single venue sharing their experiences of ERP system selection. It will provide unparalleled insight into companies which have worked with a wide variety of systems.

ERP Connect offers one-to-one meeting time for manufacturers with pre-classified potential for suppliers, enabling direct comparisons to be made between systems and partners tailored to a specific business’s needs.It also offers reassurance and validation through support for a company’s decision making process through due diligence research and exposure to ERP system best practice. Also on offer are some inspirational keynotes and case studies; development of the right strategy for implementation so as to avoid costly mistakes.

There are structured one to one meetings to provide full understanding of the market and who can best support ERP implementation. Also advantageous to attendees is the opportunity to network in a peer to peer environment and meet with fellow professionals to build the knowledge and insight needed for success in their new ERP system.

At ERP Connect on May 20, the opportunity to listen to hands on ERP experiences from half a dozen manufacturing companies presents itself once again. With the atmosphere professional yet relaxed, the event provides the perfect opportunity to gather knowledge from those who have worn the t-shirt.

ERP Connect 2014

Taking place at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel in London on May 20, ERP Connect promises a line-up of renowned, industry-leading ERP vendors complimented by strong nucleus of speakers. Previous speakers have included representatives from Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce, who have shared how their world-renowned companies benefited from correct ERP implementation.

“”Sixteen pages of notes is testament to the volume and quality of guidance and support generously offered by all of the speakers at ERP Connect,” said Steve Roper, IT manager of Unison, who attended ERP Connect in 2012. “Having all of the main players in ERP in a single room was a real enabler for me at this early stage of our journey; each and every one of them provided insight that has deepened my understanding of the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.”

Register here: or call 020 7401 6033 for more information.