ERP: Seeing it from both sides

Posted on 4 Mar 2015 by The Manufacturer

Justin Herbert, Commercial Sales Manager at Prodware UK explains how the right ERP system can help increase sales and margin with a more efficient, agile and speedy supply chain.

Justin Herbert, commerical sales manager, Prodware UK.
Justin Herbert, commerical sales manager, Prodware UK.

Having been in the position of customer and now supplier, I know that embarking on an ERP project is always a business-changing experience and it is the role of the project leadership to make sure it is a very, very positive one. It is a significant investment, in time, cash and resources, so it is absolutely vital to have a singular focus on ROI.

In industries like manufacturing, growth is king and growth happens when you have the agility and speed to address new customer needs and fulfill those needs quickly and cost-effectively, through an efficient supply chain.

At Prodware we understand that manufacturers rely on technology for product design, inventory management, resource utilisation, production scheduling, process optimisation, and more. They employ a mix of discrete, process, and lean manufacturing methods that are often managed through separate systems.

Are you worried about making the wrong ERP decision?

With pressure on businesses to increase efficiency and streamline processes, procuring the correct ERP system is a decision you cannot afford to get wrong.

Connect ERP blends together a unique combination of case studies, peer-to-peer networking and pre-briefed and scheduled vendor meetings.

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This limitation makes it difficult to satisfy customer demands without breaking the bank, particularly across multiple sites and geographies. With the globalisation of supply chains and increasing demand for both innovation and cost minimisation, manufacturers need easy-to-use, flexible solutions to more effectively manage their business.

Europe’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner

No matter what size company you are, it is very important to find a partner that can address your needs and can be by your side throughout all stages of the development, implementation and utilisation of your project.

As the largest Dynamics partner in EMEA, our focus is to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics is fit for purpose.

As an example of one of our vertical solutions, we have developed Dynamics to support the semi-process industry. Our solution, which now supports over 1000 users, covers the key functions of life sciences and chemicals such as procurement, production, traceability, cost of quality control, logistics, distribution, sales, marketing and finance.

Innovation in manufacturing

In my experience, efficient and effective quality control, integrated management of external suppliers along with advanced planning and multi-site production are all paramount to success.

In today’s market, I believe you need:

  • Detailed market and customer insights: Inspire innovation with a complete view of customer data through full traceability to the supply chain, finance and the plant floor. Improve business visibility with financial dimensions of operational processes.
  • Visual contextual intelligence: Respond rapidly to customer demand with readily available, easy-to- understand and visual contextual intelligence built into the operational decision making process.
  • To find a flexible solution: Increase production planning and execution flexibility by unifying process, discrete, and lean manufacturing operations in one system. Find a solution that will support your organisation end-to end with rich, core ERP capabilities, including, HR, finance, procurement and resource management.
  • A single technology platform: Ease ERP implementation and administration, and gain IT efficiencies, with simplified application lifecycle management. Ensure you optimise IT investments to improve total cost of ownership (TCO) and productivity through interoperability between your ERP and other Microsoft technologies.
  • Mobile device experiences: Improve your employee’s efficiency by enabling them to stay connected to individual processes. The goal is to make these mobile applications personal, providing an experience that is engaging, action oriented and takes place where real business happens. For example it is ideal for shop floor data collection, warehouse or field-based staff, giving access to the information they require when they need it.

Finding the right long term partner is crucial

When I was in the role of the customer I was lucky enough to find a professional, long-term partner so when I see a Prodware customer making the following statement it gives a good sign of expertise and support services.

Come and see us at ERP Connect

Come and talk to Prodware at ERP Connect where you can explain your issues and learn about our approach to finding the right solution for you.

VES Andover Ltd designs and manufactures a wide range of commercial heat recovery and ventilation products for public, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK.

Paul Tarrant, IT Executive at VES Andover, comments, “Thanks to Prodware’s way of working, we have seen significant strides in how we are supported and the level of cooperation offered. This has given us more confidence that Prodware is the right long term partner and that it has the desire and capability to support us, as we adapt to meet our own commercial challenges.”