Essential tools for a startup jewelry business

Posted on 1 May 2015 by The Manufacturer

When venturing into a new business there are some things you can afford to scrimp on but there are tools of the trade that are a vital part of the industry.

When starting up a jewelry business you will need specific tools if you are planning to mass produce your product.

Whether you have just yourself as the only ‘employee’ or are going to employ ten or more workers, some things can (and should) be done manually, while other processes may need to be automated. Before determining which tools you need, first determine which processes need to be automated for better efficiency. Then you can order the tools you need. Here are a few tools you may wish to consider for automated processes.

Dies for engraving

Today, jewelry is quite trendy that has lettering set in or raised above the metal tag. This can be anything from a single word such as “Mom” to a complete phrase like “I Love You.” To do each of those pieces individually would take altogether too much time and the cost of labor would be prohibitive. When a large quantity of pieces need to be engraved with words or even designs such as filigree patterns, it makes much more sense to have industrial machines set up to run a complete batch at once.

Molds for raised designs and lettering

Not all jewelry has letters etched into gold, silver or other metal but some have raised designs. For this type of process it would be essential to have molds manufactured so that each piece could be made with precision. Not only would it be virtually impossible to make hundreds of small charms with a flat background and a raised design but even a single piece would take hours of labor and wouldn’t be as precise as that manufactured with a mold.

Roll dies

For patterns that repeat, you may wish to consider roll dies. Once it makes the complete rotation the pattern begins again. These are ideal for long strips that call for a repetitive series of marks. You often see repetitive patterns on leatherwear straps for pendants. Depending on just how many times the pattern repeats and how large it will be will determine the size of the roll die. Since they will be used over and over again, it pays to have a high quality industrial strength roll dies manufactured for you to provide years of service.

Yes, you will still need a jeweler’s bench and all the little hand assembling tools you used when designing your original piece or pieces, but to mass produce something for a broader market you will need to think about industrial strength and quality molds and dies. The idea behind mass producing is to make a huge quantity at a lower cost in order to make a profit. Any tool you need for your startup business will pay for itself quickly once your product begins to sell. It is an investment you cannot afford to scrimp on.