European regulation on chemicals comes into force

Posted on 1 Dec 2010 by The Manufacturer

New rules on classification, labelling, packaging and notification of chemical substances came into force today.

The Health and Safety Executive is supporting the European Chemical Agency’s campaign to remind companies of the new regulation.

From now on, within one-month of placing a chemical substance on the market, all companies involved in their manufacture or import will need to notify the ECHA for their inclusion in the new Classification and Labelling Inventory.

In 2002, an international agreement established a harmonised approach to the labelling and packaging of chemicals and, through legislation, the European Union laid out how its member states would support the agreement.

The legislation will also apply to chemical mixtures from 1 June, 2015.

Companies that carry out one or more of the following activities and place chemical substances on the market will need to notify: manufacture substances subject to REACH registration; import substances subject to REACH registration; manufacture or import substances which are classified as hazardous, irrespective of the quantity; import mixtures containing hazardous substances, irrespective of the quantity; import articles containing substances which are subject to REACH registration.

ECHA has published a Practical Guide explaining the role of the Inventory, the information needed in a notification, and how to submit it. The guide is available on ECHA’s website.

To make sure they do not miss the first deadline (3 January), companies are advised to submit their notifications from now on and well before 24 December 2010.