FANUC unveils a world first collaborative robot

Posted on 14 Apr 2015 by Jonny Williamson

Global manufacturer of factory automation and industrial robotics, FANUC has launched the world’s first heavy lifting collaborative robot – the CR-35iA

Previously the collaborative robot has only been seen in works of science fiction. However, this week marks the launch of the world’s first heavy lifting industrial collaborative robot, the FANUC CR-35iA, capable of working hand-in-hand with human employees.

CR-35iA Features:

Collaborative Operation

  • This robot and a human operator can work together within a sharedworkspace without safety fences
  • This robot can work in cooperation with a human operator (example: heavy workpiece transfer, parts assembling)

Safety Function

  • This robot stops safely when it touches a human operator
  • Safe and gentle looking green soft cover reduces an impact force and prevents a human operator from being pinched
  • CR-35iA is certifi ed to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1

Intelligence and High Reliability

  • Latest intelligent functions such as iRVision (Integrated vision) are available
  • This robot is designed with the same high reliability as conventional robots

FANUC’s collaborative robot uses integrated vision technology – iRVision – to ensure safety by automatically stopping when the robot touches a human operator.

This removes the need for safety fences, a previous requirement for all industrial robots, increasing production efficiencies and enabling a higher level of automation.

Servicing a variety of manufacturing industries, the CR-35iA can perform both simple and complex tasks and is able to lift payloads of up to 35kg.

Chris Sumner, vice president of FANUC Europe and managing director of FANUC UK commented: “Collaborative robot technology opens up a new era for manufacturing in which humans and robots will work even more closely on tasks; increasing productivity and efficiencies across the plant floor.”