First product rolls off Lontra’s Manufacturing Centre Assembly Line

Posted on 11 Apr 2023 by Joe Bush

Lontra’s new Manufacturing Centre in Doncaster, UK, has manufactured its first LP2 Blade Blower, marking the ramp-up in production for the wastewater and pneumatic conveying markets. Lontra has received a record number of enquiries after announcing it was ready to take an increased quantity of orders for the LP2 Blade Blower earlier this year, with interest stretching globally.

“This highlights the market’s appetite for something different: to explore what’s available on the market and adopt both best practice and latest blower innovation,” said Chris Hyde, Head of Commercial at Lontra.

“The first units manufactured at our smart factory are being exported to North America in low-pressure applications. Our distributors and end-users want a more reliable technology, with low lifecycle costs, but also, a technology that is going to help their business meet 2030 net zero emission targets.”

The LP2 Blade Blower is the first commercially available blower redesign in 85 years, resolving some of the problems associated with conventional blower design. It is energy efficient and reliable, with independent testing demonstrating energy savings of up to 34% compared to commercial equivalents.

Lontra’s LP2 Blade Blower is the first product to be manufactured at their new 60,000 sq ft smart factory. Much like their patented Blade Compressor, the factory has been designed from a clean sheet.

“One of the advantages of building a new factory from scratch is the ability to optimise everything. Every detail matters in making an energy-efficient and productive site.” said Joe Cockcroft, Head of Operations at Lontra. “Following significant investment in high-spec capital equipment, we are preparing to build an increasing number of units to meet market demand. This is scheduled to increase month on month and year on year as the business expands.”

“All of this would not have been possible without our hard-working, highly skilled team,” Cockcroft added. “We are extremely proud to have great people behind Lontra, making this happen.”

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