Flying solo: coming to skies near you!

Posted on 1 Apr 2023 by Joe Bush

An emerging UK start-up has announced that its innovative flying car is set to hit the skies as early as this summer.

Millennium-Enterprises, based out of the small Shropshire village of Upper Endor, has been working tirelessly on the design of its breakthrough model, the Polli Faro for the last two years, and now looks set to take the automotive market by storm.

Speaking to The Manufacturer, Founder and Portuguese national, Iago Tomas-Kirkaldez, shared the story so far: “It’s been a long journey and we knew when we started that the chances of pulling this off were approximately 3,720-1. We have sought many business partners, and some we instinctively knew weren’t the partners we were looking for.

“Towards the end of 2021 we had hit somewhat of a financial buffer and I remember admitting to a member of the team that, “I have a bad feeling about this”, but we persevered, kept working hard and got there in the end. We were eventually put in touch with a small investment firm called Cheque Off who were able to see our vision, invest in the future of the business and allow us to prosper. They were a force of nature so a huge thank you to them.”

Chief Engineer on the project, Scotty Puwer, who had been integral to the vehicle’s design added: “Some days were a struggle, when we lacked the required momentum to drive the design forward. But sub team leader Mack Coye and I knew that the project could enable us to take the automotive industry to places it hasn’t been before, and in a bold fashion.”

The next step for Millennium-Enterprises will be to showcase the Polli Faro vehicle at the Biannual Exhibition of Spanish and Portuguese Innovators (BESPIN) in Lisbon, where Iago and his team will be giving a demo of the vehicle and it’s capabilities to an eager audience. What this space!

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