Free Preactor scheduling software launched

Posted on 20 Sep 2010 by The Manufacturer

The company has announced the launch of Preactor Express, a free alternative to its Preactor 11 software programme.

Preactor International, the specialist planning and scheduling software company, has announced the launch of its new entry-level solution, Preactor Express. Preactor Express is based on the recently released Preactor 11 and will be completely free of charge.

Mike Novels, CEO of Preactor International said: “As a family of solutions used by over 3000 companies worldwide, Preactor has become widely synonymous with production planning and scheduling excellence at every level. When many mid to top tier manufacturers think scheduling, they think Preactor and our new entry-level solution, Preactor Express, offers our proven technology to smaller companies historically reliant on spreadsheets or out-dated planning applications.”

He continues, “We took the strategic and innovative decision to make Preactor Express available free of charge to enable manufacturers to gain agility, visibility and competitive advantage – especially as they deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging from the recent recession. And, because of the excellent scalability of the Preactor family of solutions, there is an assured upgrade path available. Now every company, irrespective of size or budget, can discover for themselves, the widely acknowledged benefits that Preactor can deliver.”

Preactor’s technology is used by more than 3000 small, medium and large multinational companies located in 67 countries. The company offers a family of applications ranging from mid and long term capacity planning to detail scheduling and is translated into 30 languages.