French-owned ULIS signs contract with Pelco

Posted on 28 Sep 2011 by The Manufacturer

The manufacturer of infrared imaging sensors ULIS has just signed a new contract with the US company Pelco, collaborating on a new project – a thermal imaging camera called Sarix.

Pelco, owned by Schneider Electric, is to begin manufacturing a new thermal imaging camera – Sarix. The new product will take advantage of French-owned ULIS’ expertise in infrared (IR) sensors to produce a camera that is able to visualize objects in total darkness and through smoke, fog and rain.

This is ULIS’ first major contract win in the US. More and more manufacturers of such cameras are using infrared technology, producing an estimated 20 – 25 million units per year around the world according to industry insiders.

According to a spokesperson for Pelco, the company chose ULIS’ IR sensors for their performance, resistance to sun exposure, sensitivity and compatibility with Pelco and third party analytics (security algorithms that detect, locate and monitor intrusions). According to industry insiders, this feature is much sought after currently with the proliferation of devices that are designed to detect and analyse potential threats in hostile situations.

The Manufacturer saw a range of different types of products that use similar technology at the DSEi exhibition earlier this month, including Ultra Electronics’ Rifle-Mounted Gunfire Locator.

Managing director of ULIS Jean François Delepau said: “[The Pelco deal] solidifies our market position as a supplier focused uniquely on IR components that never competes with our thermal camera customers. This is a quality customers truly appreciate and value about us.”

George Archer