Fully connected manufacturing

Posted on 16 Dec 2014 by The Manufacturer

Simon Culshaw, delivery director for Atos believes there is only one way to satisfy customers, optimise operations and beat your competition in a world transformed by digital technology.

Digital technology is transforming our personal behaviour and working lives. We are now all connected customers, informed and empowered by limitless knowledge, expecting products and services to be developed faster and personalised to our preferences. What we expect as customers, our customers also expect.

Achieving success in this digital environment requires harnessing the changes that created it. Becoming fully connected is the only way ahead.

Think customer

With Make-to-Order or even Make-to-Individual production models fast becoming the norm, and with customers having zero tolerance for product quality issues, responsiveness to changing customer demands is imperative. The foundation of this is properly exploited data.

With access to huge volumes of external and internal data, many manufacturers are deploying Atos Data Analytics to extract the insight and actionable intelligence needed to understand the fine grain of customer satisfaction, wider trends in the market, and the positioning of competitors.

This wealth of knowledge feeds customer centricity and helps you make better and faster decisions. Not just for product development but in predicting demand, streamlining manufacturing processes, generating greater efficiency in supply chains, and creating innovative marketing offerings, all of which will enhance customer experience and boost loyalty and retention.

Be connected

The use of this data is significantly enhanced by the integration of processes, machines, applications, people and plants across the enterprise. This connectivity ensures consistency, providing a single and accurate view of performance across the factory floor and along the supply chain. This then enables gains in operational excellence, efficiency, scalability and cost effectiveness: all critical to manufacturing competitiveness in the 21st Century.

The best and most advanced manufacturers are taking the tough but rewarding route of integrating, redesigning and streamlining processes and systems into one unified business platform. It is technology that enables this integration of operations across the value chain – from product development, through procurement, to production planning, and manufacturing execution and management systems.