Furniture manufacturer invests £1.5m in digital transformation

Posted on 6 Jun 2018 by Jonny Williamson

UK furniture manufacturer and designer Godfrey Syrett has outsourced its IT support and services as part of its initiative to focus on long-term, sustainable growth driven by digital technologies.

The furniture maker has outsourced its IT support as part of its initiative to focus on long-term, sustainable growth – image courtesy of Godfrey Syrett.

The North-East-based firm has also recently invested £1.5m in innovative manufacturing technologies, demonstrating its commitment to digital transformation.

Godfrey Syrett has also invested in a remote monitoring tool that identifies and fixes bugs before they become an issue; the system is supported with proactive on-site visits.

By outsourcing IT support to TSG, Godfrey Syrett will reportedly be able to focus on growth through digital transformation and achieving its ambitious targets, free from the restraints that can accompany in-house IT support.

An additional benefit is according to Godfrey Syrett a wider skill set and support network compared to the previous in-house IT support team.

David Brown, IT manager at Godfrey Syrett, said: “With the rapid pace of technological and digital change, it was clear that it would be beneficial to outsource our IT to a well-known and trusted IT provider rather than trying to manage this ever-changing landscape using an in-house model.”

Godfrey Syrett designs, manufactures and distributes contract furniture to the education, public and commercial sectors.

Established since 1947, the business is highly regarded for producing high quality, long lasting stylish furniture and providing a one-stop shop service from design through to installation.

The firm has a head office and manufacturing base in Killingworth, Newcastle upon Tyne in addition to a distribution and logistics hub and another manufacturing site, both in Durham.

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