Gantry Loader: Infinite automation solutions

Posted on 18 May 2023 by The Manufacturer
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From the manufacture of numerical control lathes, to automation for short and long series by Gantry Loader. CMZ, a machine tools manufacturer since 1945, has decided to extend its product portfolio and offer 100% customised automation solutions with its Gantry Loader range.

With a clear commitment to European production, the company manufactures almost all the parts for its products in its own factories.

The lack of skilled labour means that companies need real automation solutions that enable them to carry out processes that are 100% automated. What they are looking for are ways to optimise their processes to reduce cycle times, and increase the efficiency and quality of their products. Moreover, the fact that the above-mentioned need for workshop personnel is a latent reality, makes the Gantry Loader one of the most appropriate solutions.

Gantry Loader solutions can be used to automate production processes and reduce downtimes for loading and unloading. This solution is especially useful in the production of both short and long series. Putting the machine to work in automatic mode leaves you free to deal with the other needs of the workshop while the Gantry Loader works to load and unload the parts independently and unaided.

CMZ offers a comprehensive range of Gantry Robots which are easy to prepare and fully customisable. Its slogan is “infinite automation solutions”, and that is because its gantry loaders are highly configurable. Thanks to its highly qualified human team, CMZ is able to study customers’ needs and provide the most suitable turn-key solution.

Its wide range covers an entire category of parts, from the smallest parts to ones weighing 50kg.  The ability to load both shafts and flanges means the Robot is equipped with the most appropriate wrist and Workstocker for the parts to be machined. That means the machine can work for 24 hours at a time without the need for human help. The result? A clear increase in productivity and improved profitability.

Compared to anthropomorphic robots, the Gantry Loader has numerous competitive advantages which help to increase the productivity and profitability of the production process. Gantry robots are faster, economic and ergonomic. They are also easier to use, thanks to the conversational programming system designed by CMZ to make changing parts fast and easy. The programming is very simple because the amount of information users have to introduce has been minimised, making the cycle operate in all cases.

CMZ’s Gantry Loader range can provide a variety of real automation solutions. On the CMZ website you can find actual automation solutions designed for its clients. One of these examples is the automation of Ø57 x 210 mm bolts in a TA-20-YS with Gantry GL20II stacking bolts on Workstocker WS280 with independent 6-bar pallets. For smaller parts, it is possible to automate Ø12 x 75 mm titanium aircraft screws in a TA-15-S with Gantry GL20II using Workstocker WS700 in palletised mode and free-fall ramp. There are infinite possibilities.

100% configurable solutions tailored to the client’s needs in a wide range of Gantry Loaders. On the model GL-6 it is possible to load up to 2 parts weighing 3 kilos each, at a speed in the fast position of 180 m/min. This solution for the smallest parts has Fanuc servomotors and an electric wrist.

The model GL-20 can move up to 2 parts weighing 10 kg each. This model has 3 axes (standard Y axis), rack and pinion transmission and servo-pneumatic wrist. Finally, the GL-100 is ideal for larger size parts, because it can move up to two 50kg parts (a total of 100kg), at a speed in the fast position of 150m/min. With automatic lubrication and servo wrist.

CMZ offers a wide variety of 100% configurable wrists tailored to customer needs. That makes it easy for users to configure a customised automation process. When choosing one of the Series GL wrists, please consider the nature, weight and type of operation to be performed. The range of wrists that CMZ offers can be configured on the basis of the characteristics of the process to be automated.

These are some of the automation solutions CMZ offers. The company, with over 75 years’ experience in the market, has been aware of its customers’ needs and is strongly committed to being the partner in turn-key projects related to automation.

Discover the full Gantry Loader range on its website.