Gillette files lawsuit against former employees for theft of trade secrets

Posted on 20 Jan 2015 by Tim Brown

Makers of Gillette razors, Procter & Gamble (P&G), have filed a lawsuit against four former Gillette employees who have been hired or retained by ShaveLogic, a Dallas-based company in the wet shaving field.

The lawsuit alleges that these former employees wrongfully used and disclosed Gillette’s highly confidential information and trade secrets, and breached contracts with Gillette, to the benefit of ShaveLogic. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop the defendants from further wrongfully using Gillette’s confidential information and trade secrets, damages, a jury trial, and other relief.

“ShaveLogic vigorously denies the baseless allegations by Gillette.” – ShaveLogic CEO Rob Wilson

“We invest heavily to understand consumers’ needs and then to innovate to meet those needs,” said Deborah P. Majoras, chief legal officer of P&G. “Our investments have enabled us to invent some of the most popular shaving products in the world. When it becomes necessary, we take action to protect the intellectual assets behind those investments.”

For over 110 years, Gillette has delivered innovative shaving technology that has improved the lives of men and women around the world. The company has a long history of shaving “firsts” including the safety razor, twin-blade shaving system, pivoting razor head, three-blade shaving system and 5-blade razor. Today, over 800 million men and women trust Gillette as an important part of their beauty and grooming routine.

In response to the claim, ShaveLogic CEO Rob Wilson told CNBC that his company “vigorously denies the baseless allegations by Gillette”.

“ShaveLogic’s products are different from anything Gillette has on the market today,” said Mr Wilson. “Every ShaveLogic invention has been created fully independently of so-called Gillette trade secrets, and all work was performed long after the expiration date of the former employees’ non-competition agreements.

“We are disappointed that Gillette has resorted to bullying tactics to attempt to stop a pioneering start-up from bringing a unique and innovative razor to market and we will vigorously defend our team, product and position.”