GSK secure meningitis B vaccine deal

Posted on 30 Mar 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

GlaxoSmithKline have struck a deal with Government that will allow all UK babies access to a meningitis B vaccine "this year".

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced the agreement on Sunday after a lengthy discussions over costs which have delayed the process.

Campaigners urged politicians to reach a quick decision to avoid putting children’s lives at risk, by Hunt insisted that value for money was important.

Hunt said: “We had a stand-off really for the best part of a year with the company that used to own this vaccine but since GSK have come on board they have reduced the price and that means we can now go ahead this year with rolling out the meningitis B vaccine.”

The vaccine will become a part of the national childhood immunisation scheme, which means infants will receive their first jab at two months old, followed by another two doses.

Earlier this month GSK secured a deal to acquire the vaccine from Swiss-based firm, Novartis.