Global tech exclusivity deal boosts growth plans for UK healthcare firm

Posted on 19 Feb 2016 by Jonny Williamson

International advanced wound and skin care company, Crawford Healthcare has secured the exclusive rights to Canadian advanced materials developer, Exciton Technologies’ innovative Silver Oxysalt Technology.

The deal – announced yesterday – is hoped to help establish Crawford Healthcare’s leadership in the global healthcare market in terms of aggressive antimicrobial wound treatment – a major component in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

According to Crawford Healthcare, Silver Oxysalt Technology is the only wound dressing to contain silver in its most active state – making it faster and more effective at killing bacteria than the leading competitor.

Its unique mode of action kills 99.99% of bacteria and breaks down biofilms in just 30 minutes, reducing the signs and symptoms of infection in just seven days, promoting wound healing and reducing inflammation.

Crawford has been working under licence with Exciton since 2013, but following a dramatic market response to the use of this patented technology – both in the US and the UK, Crawford has now moved to secure a global exclusivity agreement.

Commenting on the deal, Crawford Healthcare CEO, Richard Anderson, said: “This exclusivity agreement strengthens our position as a new market leader with a cornerstone technology that has enhanced our rapid growth in recent years.”

The revolutionary technology has been proven to be the fastest and most powerful treatment available in international wound care and, in recent UK clinical use, enabled an NHS patient to avoid certain amputation due to a chronically infected wound.

This transaction will enable Crawford to expand the use of the technology to other wound dressings and formats that are more readily used in the treatment of chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers and bed sores.

Anderson continued: “Developing products with the only technology internationally proven to kill bacteria resistant to silver firmly secures our position as the fastest growing business in the wound care market.

“We now have an unrivalled antimicrobial platform to tackle the issue of secondary infections faced by clinicians the world over, which will boost our portfolio significantly and bolster our global growth.”