Good vibrations

Posted on 8 Oct 2009 by The Manufacturer

TM investigates the range of products designed by DTR VMS Ltd, a best of breed manufacturer in the NVH sector

Wiltshire-based DTR VMS Ltd is a full service supplier, designing and manufacturing advanced technical products to address noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) and improve vehicle comfort. The company’s product portfolio includes engine and suspension mounts, mass dampers, tank track pads, and other vibration management products, supplied to leading global automotive and defence customers in Europe and North America.

DTR VMS Ltd’s anti-vibration business employs more than 300 people, with manufacturing plants in Wiltshire, South Korea, and China. Moreover, the organisation has technical centers in Jinju, South Korea and Taylor, Michigan.

DTR VMS is a division of Dong Ah Tire & Rubber Co Ltd, a global developer and supplier of vibration management systems, automotive batteries, inner tubes, rubber products, and carbon master batch. Dong Ah Tire & Rubber Corporation is headquartered in Yusan, South Korea, with more than 3,000 employees and annual sales of more than $500 million.

In January 2009, Dong Ah Tire & Rubber Corporation changed the name of the Vibration Management Systems (VMS) business unit it acquired from Avon Automotive to DTR VMS Limited. Regarding the rename, Sang-Hun Kim, Dong Ah Tire & Rubber`s president and CEO, said: “The name is designed to place the new business unit under a single DTR – Dong Ah Tire & Rubber identity and underscores the continued growth of our company. I am confident that DTR VMS Limited will enable us to build on our strengths and align our performance even more closely with our customers’ expectations and demands.”

DTR VMS manufactures rubber and hydraulic mounts, thus providing both low cost and advanced mounting solutions for gearbox (longitudinal) and petrol or diesel engine (transverse and longitudinal) installations. Accordingly, its products include hydraulic mounts in passive, semi-active, active, dual isolation, and durabrush applications.

Passive mounts are designed to provide improved ride and comfort while maintaining acoustic isolation and a high degree of tuneability. Semi active mounts provide improved idle refinement without compromise for diesel of fuel stratified engines, while DTR’s dual isolation installations offer high frequency noise performance without sacrificing the benefits of a conventional hydraulic mount.

The company’s durabrush product range offers vertical or horizontal fix, hydraulically damped, high amplitude brushes.

Manufactured for use in differential and gearbox mounts, they offer high amplitude decoupling and dynamic tuning thanks to DTR’s patented ‘nose’ feature. Similarly, its design incorporates a snubber protection ‘SPS’ system, high impact bypass, inertia channels, and compression of the product’s main rubber elements. Finally, the company’s active mount represents the first fully closed loop active mount in production, with vibrational cancellation up to 750Hz – resultantly enabling enhancement of vehicle ‘soundtrack’.

DTR designs and manufactures two bushes for suspension applications: the Single Bonded Bush and the Multi Bonded Bush. The former provides a low cost pivot solution for suspension arms, while the latter offers a pivot solution with multidirectional stiffness control for multilink sports suspension, control arm, and rear steer applications.

The company’s chassis range include the aforementioned hydraulic durabush, subframe multi bonded bush, and dynamic absorbers. Subframe bushes offer DTR’s patented plastic outerclip design, ultimately providing significant weight and cost savings while enabling significant push out load capacity for use in subframe and chassis applications.

Dynamic absorbers offer an extremely fast to market time, combined with the safety conscious design which has come to typify the DTR VMS approach to its products.

DTR is a world class supplier for the defence sector, with its product selection including CVRT track bushes, Stormer track links, and the Warrior track pad. CVRT bushes are primarily used on single pin track systems, although DTR also manufactures double pin track systems for use on track tanks.

Stormer track links are similarly designed for both single and double pin track systems, and used in Terrier and Challenger 2 applications, the latter of which is widely accepted as the world’s most reliable main battle tank. The Warrior track pad is designed for CET, Terrier, and Trojan tank tracks, thus further cementing the company’s position as a best of breed manufacturer for the defence markets.