Government boost for British nanotech manufacturing

Posted on 20 Aug 2012 by The Manufacturer

Nanotechnology manufacturer Nanoco has won £736,000 in government grants.

Manchester-based Nanoco manufactures cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials for commercial application in electroluminescent displays, solid-state lighting, PV cells and the biotechnology/biomedical industry.

The new government funding for Nanoco, confirmed today, was awarded to the company by the Technology Strategy Board and will be used to further the development of Nanoco’s technologies, enabling the speed and scope of commercial application to increase.

In addition to this, a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Salford will advance a commercially-focused nanomaterials project.

Nanoco chief executive Michael Edelman said: “These grants from the Technology Strategy Board, and the award under the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, highlight the potential of our technology to contribute to growth in the UK’s innovation-based economy.”