Green Rhino Cleans Up Oil Pollution

Posted on 11 Sep 2013 by Ruari McCallion

"Smart Polymer" solidifies oil and makes removal easier

A “Dewatering Pack” launched by Capture Green is claimed to be more efficient at cleaning up surface water oil spills than conventional vacuum truck methods.

The Green Rhino Dewatering Pack removes litres of hydrocarbon contamination from water without the downtime involved in vacuum truck disposal, according to Capture Green Environmental Solutions, a designer and manufacturer of pollution prevention products based at its site in East Bergholt, near Colchester.

The Pack will remove hydrocarbon contaminants such as oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid from the surface of water. It contains a Green Rhino Oil and Sediment Filter, oil detection strips and dewatering pillows.

Each pillow contains a “smart polymer technology” that removes a litre of hydrocarbon and rendering it to an inert, rubber-like solid, which can easily be removed by hand. The water can then be pumped through the Oil and Sediment system.

It comes in a 25-litre sealable container, which is both lightweight and easily transportable.

It is designed to allow teams working in the field to immediately resolve contamination problems without having to shut down and wait for third party vacuum trucks and other solutions to arrive.

The Green Rhino Dewatering Packs are available through distributors including Seddon Plant and Engineers, Arco and PF Cusack. Website: