Healthcare graduates leading the way for digital health innovations

Posted on 18 Aug 2016 by The Manufacturer

The world of healthcare is changing, thanks to the many advancements in technology and the digital health innovations that are entering the field and transforming the way that medical professionals work and the care that patients receive.

Healthcare graduates are truly leading the way for these innovations, particularly if they decide to pursue an advanced program like a master of public health degree from a school that provides a modern, high quality education.

Today’s healthcare grads know technology

One of the reasons why healthcare graduates are leading the way for digital health innovations is because these students grew up surrounded by technology. They aren’t afraid of it, they’re comfortable using it in their own daily lives, and they know the power that technology can truly have when it’s used for good. Plus, there’s already so much technology that’s focused upon the healthcare field, such as wearable and mobile devices that monitor health, advanced analytics and machine learning, better security and privacy tools, and better methods for storing and using patient data.

Industry mentors make a big difference

Students today who attend the best schools that are offering programs like a masters in public health online have access to incredibly talented mentors, many of which are already working within the healthcare industry and the health tech industry. With the help of these mentors, today’s students are learning the top methods for designing new technologies that are tailored for use in the healthcare field.

Schools offering courses in health technology

Health technology courses are also becoming increasingly common at schools around the country, including those that offer degree programs online. This means that students can now take a variety of interesting courses, such as those focused on medical literacy, those that shed light on health technology, health systems, and health related data, and those that dive into the healthcare system and the field of economics, as a few examples.