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Posted on 20 Dec 2022 by The Manufacturer
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It is common knowledge that the price of just about everything is currently on the rise, and this is no different in the packaging industry. Inflation is almost at ten percent and prices are increasing at the fastest rate for more than 40 years. Here, packaging supplier Ribble explains how it can help.

Costs are significantly rising in paper, energy and even pallet production, which in turn is likely to have a detrimental effect on all forms of packaging. Add to this the fact that consumer behaviour has dramatically changed to online shopping in the past few years, with the equivalent of five years growth in 2020 alone, it is no surprise that the country is using far more packaging than ever before.

So what can businesses do to reduce their costs in the current climate? Using Right Size packaging allows the creation of a more sustainable packaging process, while reducing packaging costs. Right Size packaging also helps to eliminate the use of void fillers, which are often one of the reasons costs are so high, especially following the introduction of the plastic packaging tax.

How Ribble can help?

Ribble has a simple 4-step Right Size Process:

  1. Enter the item dimensions into the Right Size machine
  2. Select style and quantity of boxes required, then press ‘Go’
  3. The perfect size box is produced within seconds
  4. Package each product securely in the perfect size box

Find the Right Size solution

Ribble’s Right Size solution combines Fanfold material and state-of-the-art technology to create the perfect size box for all products. In addition, making packaging flexible and cost-effective means it can be converted back into Fanfold packaging. Fanfold is a long piece of corrugated board scored at regular intervals and folded neatly and compactly. Fanfold can then be used to pack single or multiple products by feeding it into fully automated packaging machines to create an exact size box, therefore eliminating waste. Ribble Packaging manufacture and supply corrugated Fanfold, in addition to pioneering Right Size packaging solutions in the UK.

How-to-reduce-your-packaging-spend-when-prices-are-going-up: Image courtesy of Ribble
Image courtesy of Ribble

Some of the benefits of changing to a Right Size packaging solution include:

  • Saving around 30% on packaging costs by using Right Size and only buying Fanfold
  • Eliminating obsolete packaging purchases by making only the boxes required
  • Eliminating plastic packaging by using the Right Size box
  • Reducing transport costs by fitting more onto vehicles


One of Ribble’s customers, Dextra Group, stated that by using Right Size solutions, it could produce specifically designed packaging on a ‘just in time’ method to suit its factory. As a result of producing perfectly sized boxes, Right Size solutions can eliminate void fillers, reduce corrugated costs, improve vehicle utilisation and lower transportation costs.

Visit Ribble to see how the company’s packaging can benefit your business.

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