How does a packaging manufacturer automate the shop floor?

Posted on 6 Mar 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Packaging manufacturers produce high volume and high speed, with a focus on quality and personalisation. The managing director of UK-based Aegg Creative Packaging discusses how the implementation of a bespoke automation cell has driven efficient and quality production.

The packaging manufacturer has developed a strong presence in the premium dessert and seafood sectors – image courtesy of Aegg.

Hampshire-based company Aegg Creative Packaging is a specialist plastic packaging and glassware company supplying global food and drink markets.

The firm offers design and manufacturing services, as well as ‘off the shelf’ table presentable items suitable for restaurant, casual dining, food on the go, retail, catering, travel and many other applications.

As part of a new business model introduced in 2010, Aegg Creative has developed a strong presence in the premium dessert and seafood sectors.

In the years since, the company has been supplying its customers, ranging from large food manufacturers to small independents both in the UK and worldwide, with premium table presentable packaging.

Aegg Creative Packaging’s managing director, Jamie Gorman, explained to The Manufacturer how the company has deployed automation and robotics on the shop floor.

Gorman said: “For one of our large food brand clients, we produce high volume, high speed, high quality dessert pots. Due to the volume of product required, Aegg designed a bespoke automation and packaging solution for the client at the chosen manufacturing site, which included a dedicated manufacturing cell within an already established BRC Grade A facility.

“Aegg put together a bespoke automation and packaging solution in conjunction with its specialist suppliers and its in-house manufacturing team.”

The company’s products are displayed in all major UK supermarkets – image courtesy of Aegg.

Aegg committed to two new packaging specified injection moulding machines and all necessary ancillaries totalling €1.4m of investment.

These investments enable production to run full time 24/5, with weekend back-up in the event of any volume peaks. The implementation of a bespoke automation cell has driven efficient and quality production.

Gorman underlined that the company already has plans to further invest in automation technologies in the near future.

He said: “We are also reviewing automation as part of our new UK manufacturing facility, working on layouts, investing in machinery and looking into the most efficient way of working, such as creating our own bespoke systems. We tend not to follow the crowd and debate our own way of working.”

“In phase two of our UK manufacturing facility, we will be further investing in automation and new machinery. We will also be investing further into our internal systems, such as MIS and CRM.

Investment in internal systems to make business grow 

“Aegg is investing further in internal systems to support the business as it continues to grow.

“For example, the business has expanded to two sites in the UK with its HQ in Andover, Hampshire and the new manufacturing facility due to open in Suffolk later this year, so the MIS system will help integrate information between the sites.

“The company recognises that putting customers increasingly at the heart of its business is the key to future success, with investment in the new CRM system a big part of this.

“The system will benefit customers as Aegg will be able to anticipate their future needs, making processes more seamless, faster and efficient so that customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

“The CRM system will also provide a seamless internal platform so that the status of interactions with our customers is visible to the whole Aegg team, wherever in the world we, or they, are.”

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