How EEF helps manufacturers on pay

Posted on 14 May 2013 by Tim Brown

Manufacturing companies all have one thing in common, the need to recruit and retain employees and this can be a time consuming and expensive task.

Workforce Pay Benchmarking TM Sample 2013
Download the Workforce Pay Benchmarking sample report

Good quality and relevant pay information can be invaluable, a fact reflected by the number of queries EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation receives on pay.  This is why they have for many years provided pay information and their latest survey, the Workforce Pay Benchmark has just been published.

This bi-annual survey is an extensive benchmark of over 100 jobs, focusing on manual employees and lower level staff workers – up to supervisory level.  This electronic report is an essential tool for HR professionals and manufacturers, tasked with ensuring pay levels of their workforce are both competitive and cost effective.

The report is presented on a per job basis allowing the user to establish the regional pay for a role and then make comparisons to other regions and nationally.  For example, the latest report tells us that the average basic pay for a Maintenance Electrician across the whole of the United Kingdom is £24,510.  However, averages are not the only pay figures that can be sought, the report also provides data on quartiles and medians for both basic and total pay.

Readers of The Manufacturer can purchase this report as part of an exclusive subscription to EEF’s pay benchmark series, which also includes the Directors’ and Professionals’ Pay Benchmarks.  The four reports that make up this subscription provide pay from an unskilled Labourer through to professional engineers, managers and right up to Managing Director level.  The subscription is on offer for a reduced price of £1,496 (+ VAT), which is a 25% saving on the full cost of the series.

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