How ERP applications affect daily operations

Posted on 29 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

When people talk about ERP applications, they tend to highlight the biggest benefits and most all-encompassing features. Those are important to understand, but that kind of perspective can make it hard to picture how ERP will work in practice and improve the details of your daily operations.

Your ultimate goal is to implement a new piece of IT that will not just improve things generally, but become a fundamental enhancement to everything that you and your team do. ERP is unique among business IT for its ability to affect the biggest and smallest aspects of any enterprise. Here is a snapshot:

Building relationships with customers becomes easy and meaningful

An ERP gives you a top-down perspective on every piece of data your company relies on. That allows sales, marketing, distribution, and accounting departments to collaborate on the delivery of a seamless customer experience. When each interaction with a potential or returning customer is carefully tracked and recorded, everyone knows exactly what to do to deliver on that customer’s wants and needs. The daily operations of trying to connect with customers becomes a satisfying rather than confusing and frustrating experience.

Communicating Across Departments is Smooth and Seamless

Think of how much time you and your teams waste just trying to track down the right piece of information. You have to figure out where it’s located, who has access, and whether the info is up to date. Finding what you need is a major hassle, and some of the time you are left without any information at all. With ERP-for-Salesforce applications at your disposal, all your information, from the important to the irrelevant, is integrated onto a single platform. The inefficiencies and inabilities you put up with daily become inconsequential once your data management needs are streamlined with ERP.

Working remotely is no longer an issue

Despite the explosion in the number of employees who are working from home or on the road either some or all of the time, a remote workforce still creates frustrating challenges for all involved. But with ERP that is housed in the cloud, the experience of working remotely becomes indistinguishable from working in the office. The data and applications your team relies on are accessible from anywhere at any time. And any changes they make are instantly visible to the home office. There is no longer a daily disconnect between teams regardless of where they are located.

Mistakes become a minor concern

The consequences of even a tiny mistake of oversight can be catastrophic for a business in the 21st century. One faulty fact or figure could lead to a huge accounting error, a botched purchase order, or even a major data security breach. These threats hang over the heads of teams on a daily basis, creating a lot of extra anxiety while doing little to actually reduce the frequency of errors. ERP for accounting or distribution is such an asset because it automates administrative tasks that are ripe for mistakes. Plus, it creates a platform for oversight that makes spotting inconsistencies in a timely manner a lot easier. Mistakes can never be eliminated entirely. But with ERP there is a welcome layer of insulation built into each daily process.

These are a few very broad examples, however if you speak to any company that has embraced and integrated ERP, they have found innovative and customized ways to work the capabilities and applications into each one of their workflows. It quickly becomes a capability they can’t operate without. If you are looking to make a deep, immediate, and lasting impact on how you do business, ERP is in a position to deliver.

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