How MRP solutions can afford better quality assurance outcomes for manufacturers and their customers

Posted on 8 Oct 2021 by The Manufacturer
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For all manufacturers, ensuring the highest levels of quality is a top priority. But in some industries, such as aerospace and medical, quality and precision are absolutely critical. However, there are firms that continue to rely on less than intuitive systems and procedures to manage their quality assurance. For example, it’s not unheard of for a manufacturer to use spreadsheets and paper-based systems to track quality throughout their production processes.

While such a setup can work, it’s certainly not infallible and is far from the most efficient. Encounter a production quality issue and it’s usually a case of finding the relevant spreadsheet or following a paper trail before the root cause can be identified and then rectified.

But unless manufacturers experience a different way of doing things, they’ll often continue just the way they are, following the quality assurance practices they’ve come to depend on

Fortunately, with the significant digital transformation that has been happening in the manufacturing industry, companies are becoming more aware of the alternatives available. With technology, manufacturers can start benefiting from more intuitive, more inclusive and more efficient quality assurance solutions.

All quality assurance under one roof

One of the biggest quality assurance hurdles manufacturers face is the fact their processes and procedures are often spread across multiple systems.

By implementing an MRP solution, manufacturers can consolidate and benefit from the simplicity that having everything under one roof affords.  

In the event of a quality failure or issue, figuring out where the error occurred is both simple and fast. In fact, the best MRP systems will guide the manufacturer through the process. Compare this to traditional systems that use spreadsheets and paper and the time savings are easy to appreciate.

MRP quality management benefits:

  • Meet the highest quality standards required in UK and European manufacturing – prove compliance with both your customers’ QA and ISO 9000
  • Make evidence-based decisions for continuous improvement
  • Achieve consistent results and more accurate forecasts by linking all processes, from orders and stock management to production and dispatch
  • Control non-conformity in materials and components to eliminate defects in the manufacturing process
  • Manage relationships with customers and sub-contractors to measure performance and provide feedback
  • Track logistics performance and view the order process from the customer’s perspective using the On Time In Full (OTIF) reporting function
  • Produce delivery and quality graphs and reports using standard SC21 metrics (defence and aerospace industries).

Attain gold standard industry accreditations

To drive confidence among their customers and employees, manufacturers can highlight their quality assurance focus by attaining relevant industry accreditations such as ISO 9001

The gold standard for manufacturers when it comes to quality, ISO 9001 is one of the most recognised and coveted management standards in the industry.

ISO 9001 helps streamline processes, improve business performance and drive efficiency in a continuous improvement cycle.

By utilising a best in class MRP solution, manufacturers can adopt a systematic approach to quality management and continually improve their processes while all the time maintaining a focus on driving better customer outcomes.

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Intuitive reporting and powerful insights

The advantage of some MRP systems is that in addition to providing powerful insights in real-time, they also have significant reporting capabilities. 

One of the most pivotal areas where this can make a difference is for gauging supplier material/component quality and delivery turnaround.

By identifying which of its suppliers are falling short when it comes to either of the areas mentioned above, manufacturers can proactively take action. Whether that’s raising their concerns with the supplier or looking elsewhere, the end result is a better outcome for the firm’s customers.

With customers consistently receiving products that meet their needs and are of high quality, the manufacturer’s reputation will be cemented in the process. 

All of this and more can be realised by leveraging an advanced MRP solution. And the best part is implementing such a system does not need to be a headache. Most MRP solutions worth their salt will integrate with existing accounting systems. Plus, vendors are there to help manufacturers ensure any MRP implementation is absolutely seamless.

Interested in finding out more about how MRP solutions can afford better quality assurance outcomes for manufacturers and their customers?

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