How to improve company productivity

Posted on 24 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

Whether you run a large or small manufacturing company, boosting productivity should be a primary company focus.

The success of your operations and business will largely be determined by the efficiency and productivity of your employees, the quality of your equipment and the internal processes.

If you are seeking ways to improve current internal practices, we are providing informative tips to help your manufacturing company improve both its productivity and performance.

Evaluate the current workflow

Before you make any changes, we recommend analysing your current employees, communication tools and resources across the company. Aim to identify what areas require the most improvement to pinpoint internal problems and record how the changes impact daily operations.

Modernise business processes

Technology is transforming business operations, with many people moving towards innovative tools to streamline their internal processes. You should therefore look for new technologies that cannot only improve manufacturing efficiency, but can take away some of the burden placed on employees so that they can focus on additional tasks within their department.

Regular training and education

If your manufacturing company is embarking on a digital transformation, it is important to provide additional training and resources across the company. The integration of new technologies can sometimes alter the skills needed for certain tasks, so it is vital employees receive the appropriate training to stay up-to-date with advanced specialist skills in the manufacturing, machining and cutting industries.

Improve organisation

You might not realise it, but your company could be losing a considerable amount of money due to a lack of organisation. It is therefore essential to implement solutions that can enhance productivity, encourage collaboration and streamline operations.

One of the best ways to do so is with Microsoft Office 365, which offers efficient storage of documents, which can be easily created, edited and shared on any device – and you can pay for a package in advance, with a licensing agreement or a per user per month basis. What’s more, you can also make the most of Office 365 backup solutions, which means you can safely retrieve documents following accidental deletion, hardware failure, a cyber attack, theft or computer failure.

Focus on maintenance

If you want to continually boost internal productivity, we recommend you invest in maintenance solutions, which will ensure your company continues to work at an optimum level. For example, it is important your employees know how to troubleshoot a downtime, so you can quickly identify the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening in the future. The more preventative measures you have in place, the less problems you will experience down the road.

Set realistic expectations

Unrealistic goals can often be created due to production pressures, client expectations or tight deadlines. However, not only can this cause much stress and tension in the workplace, but it can also compromise on quality and affect safety on the manufacturing floor. As a result, this can lead to accidents or injuries, dissatisfied clients and a failure to meet manufacturing objectives. To improve employee morale and productivity, it is essential to create clear, realistic expectations to deliver on quality, safety and satisfaction.