HP goes 3D

Posted on 19 Apr 2010 by The Manufacturer

Hewlett-Packard today announced its entrance into the 3D printing market, with the launch of its first HP Designjet 3D printing solution.

The new 3D printer is aimed at the mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) and educational markets. Like other 3D printers, it enables design professionals to achieve faster time-to-market and cost-savings during product development.

The HP Designjet 3D printer series enable users to easily produce robust plastic 3D models in their office or design shop. Available in two models and starting below €13,000, the HP Designjet 3D printer creates highly accurate models in an ivory coloured ABS plastic material, while the HP Designjet Color 3D printer can produce single-colour parts using eight different colours. The multi-colour capacity allows designers to differentiate individual areas of assembled models.

“The HP Designjet 3D printing solution offers the ideal combination of affordability, model quality and usability,” says Santiago Morera, large format printing business vice president and GM, HP. “The affordability of the HP Designjet 3D printers means that businesses that choose these products are likely to see a return on investment very quickly. If they are outsourcing just five to ten models per month, the printer can pay for itself in one year and if only one error is detected before tooling it can potentially save them thousands.”

In addition to purchasing the printer, users are advised to buy the new HP Designjet 3D Removal System which is used to remove excess model material from the printed object. This eliminates the need for special disposal methods and is designed with the office environment in mind. The printers produce models are ready-to-handle without gloves, and the printing and post-processing of the models is automatic, with no manual finishing necessary.