Huge hull for HMS Prince of Wales ready for delivery

Posted on 15 Jul 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

An enormous section of the Royal Navy’s second Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier has been loaded onto a barge in Glasgow ready for delivery to Rosyth.

The 8,000 tonne mid hull section called Lower Block 03 (LB03) is larger than an entire Type 45 destroyer.

It contains 160 cabins, machinery space, a portion of the aircraft hangar and even a bakery.

It was carefully manoeuvred out of the BAE Systems ship build hall where it was constructed and placed onto a barge alongside on the River Clyde.

The block will set sail next week on a 600 mile voyage to Rosyth, for the assembly of HMS Prince of Wales in September.

The dock will shortly be vacated by her sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.